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I use Azure Blog Storage quite a bit these days, at work and here at home. Recently a student I've been working with turned my attention to this post from Microsoft and this week I'm going to take a...


Finally got to see the doctor today after starting to feel ill on September 3, and to my surprise I tested positive for COVID.  Symptoms were mild so I didn't need or receive any treatment.

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Need to try something new here... I have a 3d print .stl model file that I want to share with others.  I wonder if I can do that here as an attachment?  Let's try... 42 to 27x35 Trapezoid UPost...

3D Printing

Not sure yet if it will solve my problems, but I had the same issue as posted in SOLVED E3V2 Nozzle hitting bed during CR Touch ABL so I applied the washer "fix". We shall see.

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So, the probe Z-offset on my printer seems to be wonky. I noticed during bed leveling that my print head is contacting the bed of my printer just BEFORE the probe is triggered. That's not good! I'm...


Trying breakfast at Buzzard Billy's before "Ain't Too Proud" this afternoon.


Driving home from a few days at Univ. of South Dakota in Vermillion last evening and stopped at Justin's house in M-town to meet his parents and grandmother, plus Deb & Doug. We left there about 8:30...


Do we get extra IHG (Holiday Inn) bonus points for living through the 2 AM false fire alarm last night? NOT FUN. Hope I can drive home this afternoon without falling asleep.


Arrived in Vermillion, South Dakota, last evening about 6:30 PM and went straight to dinner at the "Old Lumber Company" downtown. Checked in to our hotel adjacent to the Univ. of South Dakota campus...