Check out my new TESTING page where I hope to continue testing new features. Also, be sure to have a look at my new HIKES site and especially some of the “highlighted” hikes that are listed in bold there.

Note that HIKES used to be a “section” here, but there are a lot of them so I made a site just for them.

Gating My Content AND More

A Blended Approach It’s a new month, February 2023 that is, and this is follow-up to last month’s post, namely Gating My Content. Now, rather than trying to “gate” some of the content in the Wieting Theatre website, I’m going to start a new site, with characteristics listed below, with just the protected portion of the Wieting’s content involved. I call this a “blended” approach because it will, at least initially, leverage and blend guidance and elements from many of the resources I’ve captured at https://www.

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Gating My Content

Gating Content in JAMstack Sites This section’s title was borrowed from a Stackbit article with the same title, Gating Content in JAMstack Sites. Working through that article to password protect some of the content at is my tech pursit today. Nope, Not on Netlify 😦 Last evening I took a shot at implementing the Netlify Identity tricks from the aforementioned article, but could not easily get it to work. The problem, I think, is that the https://Wieting.

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Fixing a Broken GitHub Repo

Don’t Push Enormous Files to GitHub! Pay close attention to the subtitle above! A couple of days ago I was working on content for Tama-Toledo Community Visioning and I added a large file to the source repo, and then very stupidly pushed it to GitHub and the repo’s main branch. Naturally, the push didn’t finish so I removed the file and pushed a new commit to “remove it permanently”. Well, that ain’t how git works!

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Today I discovered a slick trick for “local” development of my first Hugo Module. The guidance I used was found in Working with Hugo Module Locally and it was spot-on! In my case the key was the additon of one line, two if you include the comment, to my project’s config.yml file:

// Innocent line below!
replace => /Users/mark/GitHub/hugo-timeline

Yes, you gotta' love Hugo, but I now think 11ty might be worth a look. Also there’s Hosting Eleventy on GitHub Pages.

My Hugo Timeline, A New Hugo Module

What follows is an excerpt from this blog’s file. I’ve successfully added the code to drive a new /timeline page as part of this blog, but I did so “locally”, and now I’d like to repeat the process but using the aforementioned SummittDweller/hugo-timeline module. I used guidance found in Hugo Modules: Getting Started to make this happen, like so: ╭─[email protected] ~/GitHub/blogs-SummittDweller ‹main› ╰─$ brew install go ╭─[email protected] ~/GitHub/blogs-SummittDweller ‹main› ╰─$ brew upgrade # This is not "required", but probably overdue.

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How MY Web Works

I’ve been building websites and apps for a lot of years now, and over time I’ve used a plethora of different frameworks and tools to do so. I’ve also involved a number of registrars, DNS strategies, source code repositories, and web hosts… frankly too many to remember or even count. In my old age I’d love to have a dynamic document, or two, where I can track things like this:

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Web Nirvana? It dawned on me this morning that both VSCode and Azure are Microsoft things. So, there should be some handy Azure extensions for VSCode, right? Yes, yes indeed there are! I’m installing them now!

Ya' gotta love Hugo! I just completed my first Jekyll-to-Hugo conversion, and made it a Hugo module. It’s taken me a couple of years to realize the power of Hugo modules, and I have to say it’s AWESOME, and perfectly implemented.

The process of conversion briefly is documented in the file at SummittDweller/hugo-timeline, and the first use of it as a module appears elsewhere in this blog at My Hugo Timeline, A New Hugo Module. The timeline itself can be seen at Check it out!

Reset Python environment on my Mac Mini using:

Need to remember this address:

Proper Python

What follows is the file from my GitHub repo where is built. It outlines how to “properly” add Python to a project such that we can create an easily reproducible “virtual environment” without storing the necessary Python libraries in GitHub. From the… blogs-SummittDweller The Python portions of this repo were gleaned from This is the repo for my static website. Latest Python Improvements Using guidance at https://predictivehacks.

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August 2022 - Geocaching's 20th Anniversary Celebration Event

The following is a chronological consolidation of posts and microposts from August 6 through August 25, 2022. Westbound to Seattle - Day 1 Posted on 2022/08/07 4:57 PM from Toledo, IA Westbound to Seattle - Day 2 Posted on 2022/08/07 4:58 PM from Toledo, IA Westbound to Seattle - Day 3 Posted on 2022/08/07 4:58 PM from Toledo, IA Eastbound from Seattle - Day 1 Posted on 2022/08/07 9:13 PM from Toledo, IA Eastbound from Seattle - Day 2 Posted on 2022/08/08 1:39 PM from Toledo, IA Eastbound from Seattle - Day 3 Posted on 2022/08/08 2:44 PM from Toledo, IA Waiting for my ride to Johnston.

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Tama walking audit…downtown and to Cherry Lake.

T-Mobile Arena downtown Kansas City for Twenty-one Pilots. And I am probably not the oldest person here after all.