Posted: Saturday, April 15, 2023 · 8:42 AM
Location: Toledo, IA

Last evening I rode my bike to/from soccer so this morning I wanted to "merge" those two track logs before publishing them to So, I found and forked to and after tweaking my own code IT WORKS!

The command I ran to make my first "merge" was: python3 "/Users/mark/Downloads/2023-04-14 16:32 - 3m 11s.gpx" "/Users/mark/Downloads/2023-04-14 20:40 - 3m 27s.gpx". I think I might tweak the script soon to just pull all of the .gpx files from a specified directory.

Update: My fork of the project now accepts a single target_directory argument and uses "glob" to grab all the .gpx files in that directory.