Roadtrip: Geowoodstock 2023

Roadtrip: Geowoodstock 2023

Geowoodstock 2023 (GC89GMX) and Kentucky's oldest surviving geocache (GC39E) were the intended destinations of another epic roadtrip with gossamar on May 25-28, 2023.

The route and cache count looked something like this:


The green lines represent my "outbound" route while the red lines show my "return" route back from GC39E. The ordered list of caches and events found is available for download below.

By the numbers I show:

  • 88 geocaches found + events attended
  • 108 Adventure Lab stages logged
  • a few DNFs
  • 985 miles traveled in Tom's car at 40+ mpg
    • 21.4 gallons of gas totaling $72.30
  • 520 miles traveled in my Honda Ridgeline at 24+ mpg