Snowpocalypse 2024?

Snowpocalypse 2024?

Maybe not as bad as predicted (at least per some predictions) but it was enough wet snow for me.  Took almost an hour to clear using my EGO cordless snow-thrower (love it) and there's more to be done before Mackenzie and I can leave for work in the morning.  

Fortunately both Grinnell College and South Tama County schools were closed today.  GC re-opens at noon tomorrow and STC just announced that they will be closed on Wednesday too.  

The captioned photo above is where I left it this evening at about 5:30 PM.  The photo below shows the first 1-minute of my progress at about 4:30 PM.  I posted a track-log of the "walk" at

Probably 6" - 7" of wet snow but near the house and street it was 14" - 16" deep.

Ultimately I burned through 4 large EGO batteries.  Clearing the drive in the past would typically take only 2 with some capacity to spare.  

I still have more to do before going to work tomorrow.  Got another storm heading this way on Wednesday evening so I better get at it in the morning.  Wish me luck.

Update: 10-01-2024 @ 10 AM

Managed to get the snow-thrower out again to finish up last evening's work before heading back to Grinnell in a bit.   34 minutes of effort covering about 3/4 of a mile.  I'll post another track log at soon.  I did take one more photo to give some perspective to the front porch situation.  

I really should have taken a photo before I started.  The snow shelf extending down off the roof was easily 2' deep/tall x 8' long x 16" thick...before I knocked it down, an effort that took 12 pokes with my shovel.   Went through another two EGO batteries in the effort.  

Not quite done yet, but at least the drive is clear and the front door is reachable.