Might have to check out Simple Search for Hugo Drop-In soon!

Today I’m working my way through 10 “must-have” VSCode extensions!

Just completed download, config, build and install of Merlin 2.1.x firmware for my Creality Ender 3 Pro with a v4.2.7 Motherboard and TMC2225 Driver (for Marlin 2.0.1). I followed this video for install guidance, then did a bed leveling procedure.

However, at this point Octoprint is throwing an error stating that…

Your printer's firmware supports host action commands, but they are disabled. The firmware will not inform OctoPrint about job pause & cancellations, filament runouts, and similar firmware-side events. If you want this functionality, you need to change your firmware's configuration.

So, when I get home next week it looks like this will need more attention.

Yes, it has been far too long since I posted here. Sorry.

In the past week me and Mackenzie have taken steps to start revamping TamaToledo.org, all using GitHub Pages to host sites. Thus far we have a new landing page at https://TamaToledo.org, a re-publish of https://STC-REC.TamaToledo.org, and a new Tama-Toledo Community Visioning site at https://cv.TamaToledo.org. Check them out!

Got an app icon stuck on-screen on my Mac again. Found a fix at https://apple.stackexchange.com/posts/222193/revisions. killall Dock works nicely!

Posting this quick link to emoticons available in Hugo… https://www.webfx.com/tools/emoji-cheat-sheet/

Adding this OneTab link where I will collect CommunityVisioning.org resources.

Using this very informative post to add some SEO to my Hugo sites.

Another very sad evening here… Stitch, our 18-year-old female long-haired kitty has passed, less than a week after Sully. Unlike Sully, this passing was expected since Stitch has been losing weight and becoming increasingly frail for many months. Fortunately, it looks like she just slipped away in her sleep on the sofa, resting between Chris and Mackenzie. Stitch was a gorgeous kitty, very calm and loving. She will be missed by all. 😢

A very sad day here… Sully, our male tuxedo kitty who was only about 8 years old has passed. This was definitely not expected. Our oldest kitty, Stitch, is about 18 years of age and she’s been in poor health for many months, so we expect that she might pass soon, but not Sully. He was an ornery, good boy, and he will be missed by all. 😢

Today, Sunday, August 23, 2020, marked the start of what looks like another schorching heat-wave here. So I pitched in during the morning at the home of my “scurry” partners Jeff and Mary Fasse-Shaw, to help with cutting up some of the deadfall along the creek on the west side of their property. We got a good start, but there’s a lot of fallen timber to be cleared there!

Eleven days and seven hours without, but the power is now back on at 104 W. Summit Street in Toledo. I’d estimate that for the duration we burned about 105 gallons of gas just to keep the fridge, my CPAP, one lamp, and two fans running. Glad to be back in the 21st century. Now, what’s all this I hear about a deadly virus and some political scuffles?

It’s the start of day number eleven, and still no power. Checked the forecast and it’s getting hot…so am I!

The power is still out here, almost 10 days after the derecho knocked it out. So many power restoration predictions have come and gone, I’ve lost count. Still I’m told that what we need is a one-man, 15-minute fix. Perhaps in the morning I’ll stretch our broken power line across the street and pitch a tent next door until an Alliant truck stops and gets this done. I know they are busy, but 15 minutes of one lineman’s time a week ago, when it was first “promised”, would have been so nice. I fixed my own Mediacom connection more than a week ago, and there’s evidence tonight that their service has been restored. So, if I had power, I think we would also have TV and internet. IF.

Been sitting in the endoscopy waiting room at MercyOne DSM since 10:50 AM and they haven’t even called Chris in to prep her yet. 😦 Gonna be a very long day.

Travis CI reminder… don’t forget to put my DockerHub credentials into the environment settings for my TCI repo! Things don’t work without them. 😕

Headed to see “Doctor Sleep” down the street.

Checked into the hotel around 1:30, grabbed lunch at Potbelly, got a little work done, walked to dinner with Mason, and I’m back to preparing for tomorrow.

Got Mack checked in to the ER at Mercy.

Waffle House…yum.

Just checking in from Arkansas

Seattle, by train.

On the cho-cho to Portland.

Vancouver has been wonderful. Only problem with this trip is that I arrived in the dark, and will depart in the dark.

Working from the airport and decided I finally need to get the “location” of my microposts to appear. What do you think?