Adding "Remote Atom" to My DigitalOcean Server

Last evening and early this morning I completed the addition of a new (to me) package to Atom on my Mac Mini. The package is Remote Atom and I found the configuration to be a little confusing, but in the end it was worth the work.


The addition and configuration of this package allows me to open an SSH terminal/session from my Mac Mini to my summitt-dweller-DO-docker droplet and, with Atom open locally on my Mac I can issue a command like

ratom /opt/

in the terminal connected to summitt-dweller-DO-docker, and the specified “remote” file will open in my local Atom. Better still, if I make changes to the file and save them, the remote copy is automatically updated as saved.


As I said, configuration was a little dicey. Mine followed exactly what’s documented in the project site, complete with renaming rmate to ratom as suggested. The real key to configuration has two parts:

That addition to ~/.ssh/config allows me to run my usual ssh connection commands without having to specify any remote/reverse tunneling…the config does it for me automatically when the “Host” or target is summitt-dweller-DO-docker. Without that spec I’d have to configure each ssh connection I open, like so:

ssh -R 52698:localhost:52698 [email protected]

That’s a wrap. Until next time…