Adding Netlify CMS for Editing This Blog

OK, I’m using the “Rich Text” editor option in the body field here in my “posts” Netlify CMS form for this blog. Will it work? We shall see!


I have to confess, this is pretty cool. I’m even able to switch dynamically between the Rich Text and Markdown editors here!

How Was This Done?

Let me elaborate just a bit…

Using Hugo

Since this blog is published using Hugo I looked to the Netlify CMS guidance provided at for help.

First I added the requested ./static/admin directory, and the two files required there:


The contents of my index.html file is identical to what’s called for in the documentation. Easy. I like.


This file demands considerable customization, so I turned to more Netlify CMS documentation regarding Widgets and the Github Backend that I already use.

As a result, my config.yml file looks like this:

  name: github
  repo: SummittDweller/blogs-SummittDweller
  branch: main 

media_folder: 'static/img'
public_folder: /img

  - name: 'posts'
    label: 'Post'
    folder: 'content/posts'
    create: true
    slug: '{{slug}}'
    path: '{{year}}/{{month}}/{{slug}}'
    preview_path: '{{year}}/{{month}}/{{slug}}'
    preview_path_date_field: publishDate
    sortable_fields: [ 'publishDate', 'lastmod' ]
    sort: 'publishDate:desc'
      - label: Year
        field: publishDate
        # groups items based on the value matched by the pattern
        pattern: \d{4}
      - label: Drafts
        field: draft
      preview: true
      - label: Title
        name: title
      - label: Body
        name: body
        widget: markdown 
      - label: Publish Date
        name: publishDate
        widget: date      
      - label: Last Mod
        name: lastmod
        widget: datetime
      - label: Location
        name: location
        default: 'Toledo, IA'
        required: false
      - label: Weight
        name: weight
        height: "Enter today's date with a leading dash, like -YYYYMMDD."
        required: true
        # default: -{{year}}{{month}}{{day}}
      - label: Draft Status
        name: draft
        widget: boolean
        default: false 
      - label: Description
        name: description
        required: false
      - label: Tags
        name: tags
        widget: list
        hint: 'Enter comma separated values.'
        required: false

Simple = Elegant

At this moment I’m running hugo server on my Mac and I’m editing this post in https://localhost:1313/admin, basically in the admin page of my blog on my localhost. Beautimous!